“You type, we talk?”

…and so it begins…

Hey, world! How are you? We’re pretty good, though we don’t really know what to do here. If you haven’t guessed, this is our first blog. So let’s start with the basics, shall we?

We are Sam Halbert and Sammi Koontz and, with our powers combined (insert Captain Planet clip here), we are SAM SQUARED (throw in some epic background music while you’re at it)!! So, there’s that, I guess… Anyway, on to more important things, like who we are and how we came to be. Here’s a brief overview of the past 2.5ish years (apologies to those of you who were present for all this).

So this is Sammi, the female part of all this. For me, it began when I decided to pick up and move from Rock Hill, SC to Madison County, NC. I got this job at a small pizza joint, Blue Mountain Pizza, and met this guy, Sam Strider Halbert. And, yes, his middle name is a reference to Lord of the Rings.

Hey, it’s Sam now. So I’d been working at this pizza place for going on 4 years by the time Sammi came around, but I’m so insanely happy she did. I was all awkward at first with her (there’s a funny story there about one of our first conversations that I’ll save for later if any of you are interested) but eventually we started to hit it off. I’ve got to give her some credit for Facebook staking me. Not gonna lie, it felt good.

Truth be told, I DID try to get his attention at work, but he was totally oblivious.

All right, I’ll give you that one good lookin’.

Needless to say, we started dating, started doing awesome things, and started thinking that we should put our awesomeness out for the world and see what awesomeness it attracts. Hmm…that sounds a little weird, but hey, seeing as how you’re here, way to be awesome! We like the word awesome. And that led us to start our little company, Sam Squared, and this blog. Here is where we get to show you all the different things we do. What you may ask? How’s about photography, knitting, board game creation, eating, playing video games, crafting, watching stuff, and all sorts of other things?? Huh!?! Interested yet?!?

To give you a little background on my credentials, I graduated from ABTech with a degree in Digital Media, so basically if it involves a computer and some sort of other media combined, I can probably do it. I also have experience in other hands on types of art. Basically, I love designing and working with my hands.

As for me, my amazing sister (blueskiesdragonflies.blogspot.com) taught me to knit on December 26th, 2010. I literally begged her to teach me but, since she does hand made Christmas and has 4 kiddos, we had to wait until Christmas was done. Since then I’ve gone yarn crazy, recently dived into sewing, had an affair with coasters and dabbled with journals. I’ve learned to do what makes me happy and, as it turns out, there are many things that make me happy! Super cheese alert and super run away!!

This blog follows what we do, personally and professionally. Sometimes we’ll post together; most of the time it’ll be one of us solo. Thanks for reading all of our first blog! That’s our intro and we bid you adieu!


3 thoughts on ““You type, we talk?”

  1. Aw shucks, guys! Thanks for the good vibes! We totally had a blast writing together and are so excited about our blog. We literally has to stop ourselves from instantaneously responding to comments (didn’t want to seem too desperate, just like high school dating ;). And it would be a lie if I said there was no dancing or high-fiving action at our place last night! Thanks for the love!!

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