Etsy Shop Opened AND First Sale Shipped!

Whew, what an eventful week we’ve had! There’s so much to talk about, way too much for a single post really. First up: why has it been so long since our last post? This one’s pretty easy, we got sick. It totally started with me, no denying that. Started feeling yucky Sunday night and, by the time I got off work on Tuesday, it was full-blown and nasty. Sinus headaches and congestion and then right on into the fever and body aches. Gross. By Friday, I was on the upswing but Sam was right smack in the middle of his run of whatever it was. Luckily, Mike covered for Sam on Saturday which gave him a full day to recover.

(Side note: Sick days are a rarity in the food and bev industry. If you are really, and I mean really, bad off someone will be called in, but normally you just power through. Then there are those times where there is no one to cover your shift and, at some places, you have to work. This was one of those times but, because we work at a great place, one of our general managers worked which is pretty cool, since not all managers are like that. So big shout out to Mike!)

We’ve been feeling better but are super busy! Let’s see: my sewing machine busted again (boo!), got into business card holders (awesome!), bought fishing equipment (rock!), went through wedding pictures with Stephen and Kaela, started our etsy shop AND sold our first order (brillant!). I’m sure we’ll get into all the other things on future posts but, as I shipped the order this morning, I’m gong to talk about etsy.

We’ve been talking about opening an etsy shop for about a year now. Sam’s new to it, but I have been working with my sister shop ( since the end of 2010. Jessi, my sis, taught me how to use a sewing machine and how to knit. To sum it up, she’s pretty much my mentor. I like saying I did my apprenticeship over at Blue Skies Dragonflies, makes me feel fancy. I learned everything from Jessi and loved working with her. Our styles are very similar which made work a breeze, but Sam and I really wanted to open one together. For a while, the problem was that I wasn’t confident enough to leave my sister’s wing. Recently, I’ve been trying to see myself as more of an artist instead of a crafter. It’s hard because everything I do is a craft, which isn’t a bad thing, but it makes it difficult to see myself as an artist. Especially since I’ve never had any ‘regular’ artistic talent (ie: drawing, painting, sculpting, etc), though maybe technical is a better term. Heck, even coloring brings on the pressure. ‘Must stay in lines, must color evenly, must fill completely.’ I talked to Sam about it and he said I just needed to start practicing. So long story kinda short, I’ve been practicing, getting loads better, drawing my own patterns, and generally just rocking out recently. I have seen a dramatic increase in the quality of my sewing and I finally started thinking I could do it, so we did!

When we first went to open the shop, we were pretty upset that we couldn’t use Sam Squared. As it turns out, even if the name is used for a buyer instead of a shop, the name cannot be used as a shop name. Bogus! Who is this Sam Squared and why does he (?) keep grabbing our name?! This happened here at WordPress too…and that person isn’t even using the blog! geez…but what can you do? Come up with a different name, I ‘spect. Artisansofawesomeness was too long and we were about to drop the ness and just be artisansofawesome but then bam! Samtimessam! I’m quite proud of that.  Filled out some info, posted our first item and our shop was opened at last! Here’s my first listing:


A Child’s Play Apron, White With Purple Flowers, Upcycled, Hand Sewn

And here’s Sam’s first:

Framed and Hand Matted

Framed and Hand Matted

We’ve gotten some views and some favorites which is awesome to watch. I find myself checking in frequently on the smartphone app. It makes me feel validated to see people checking out our art (blog too, of course) which is definitely helping with my confidence. Well I was going to go into the first etsy order, but dang if this isn’t a long post! Guess I’ll save that for another time. Besides, Sam just got home from work so computer time is over and I’m off to hang out with my sugar. Oh, another side note, Jessi reminded me I didn’t add a knitting key for the abbreviations…I will go back and add that in tomorrow!! Later guys!


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