Market Day Adventureface Ultra Fun Time (Triple Exclamation Pointz)

Heads up, this one’s gonna be picture heavy. So I was thinking about the fishing rods and reels we just bought and how we should’ve taken pictures when Sam was trying his out for the first time. since we knew we were going to be doing a blog about it. It’s hard to stop life and snap a picture but, if we’re going to be bloggers, I suppose we need to get better at it. Or maybe just take a whole lot of pictures the random day you actually remember to take pictures and everything will even out? Who knows…

Oh yeah, another heads up on your heads up: we started this blog about thirty minutes ago with some of this….

IMG_1930And a little of this…IMG_1931

And maybe some robot dancing?  Yeah, you best believe it.

Anyway, here’s a semi-typical day in the adventurous lives of me and my wonderful lady Sammi!

Remember when Sammi said that we were sick in her last post? Well, we added this to our morning routine today:

See?!? We don’t lie…

Still fighting the good fight. But enough of that. We left the house early today to drop off a care package for our good friends Stephen and Kaela (recently wed, congrats!) consisting of three neon tetras from my aquarium for their new fish tank.  Here’s the little guys now!


We’re pretty excited to see these guys to a good home. We ran into some tank problems recently and their school dropped by half. It was very sad and these kiddos were down and out, but now they’re with two new friends! Sorry to see them go (these were my favorites) but I know they’ll be happy. Anyway, we hung out and got the grand tour of their crazy cute house, including the super cute nursery. Made a couple new friends along the way…

IMG_0024 IMG_0025

I’ve gotta’ give Sammi big ups for spotting that mantis when we got out of the car. I would have totally missed it.

Boom! Way to go me 🙂 Anyway, we needed to grab some grub before market so we headed over to New Bridge Cafe. Man, I love this place. It’s one of those places you walk in and immediately feel at home and super comfy and just know you’re going to get the best food. You will also find this atmosphere in most grandmas’ houses. Side note: I’ve got this great idea for Western North Carolina (WNC) Wednesdays, where we spotlight one of the crazy awesome things that happen around us. More on all that to come once I’ve ironed out the details, but I really want to show these guys off one week, for sure. I mean, even they’re menu is happy, wouldn’t you agree?

Today was Wednesday, which means FRIED CHICKEN! All of this for $8.95 and, honestly, I like theirs better than Tupelo’s which is crazy expensive. Choice of white or dark meat, green beans, mac and cheese, braised cabbage and a biscuit. Delicious!


And a picture of Sam, cause he’s so darn purty! Feeling very full and quite sleepy, we headed off to market.

And finally we had a gorgeous market day! Take a gander at how bright and happy it was:

IMG_0030  IMG_0031  IMG_0028

We’ll set up rain or shine, but for a greater part of this season it has rained every market day, so you can imagine our excitement.  By the way, if you are ever in Weaverville, North Carolina on a Wednesday between 2:30 and 6:30 pm stop by and say “Hi” ’cause we’d love to see ya’. After chatting with some regulars and hearing some hilarious stories about previous market years from some of the vendors, Jessi (Sammi’s big sis) stopped by to say hello and pick up her sweet business card holder. I made a couple, but was waiting for her to have first pick before I picked mine. She went for ‘Hidden Bicycles’ (almost identical to the custom one I made for our first etsy order…pics and story at a later time) and I opted for ‘Elephants Never Forget.’ Sorry, Sam, here you go... No worries.

Let’s see, on top of that action we sold a felt sushi, two headbands, and one felt gnome on our table from (Jessi’s etsy shop) today.  Feels good to have some sales!  After the rush from market we got a little silly when we started to close up shop. I felt compelled to clip some clothes pins somewhere…


I am, of course, HINDU CLIP! A lesser known hero, but a hero nonetheless…Origins are vague, some stories hint that a two finger jab was the weapon of Hindu Clip, but other stories clearly support the use of clothespins as a preferred battle tactic. One thing is certain, where there is injustice, tyranny, a wall to show off flying skills, Hindu Clip is certain to come to the rescue! Anyway, we stopped dinking around, packed up market and headed home.

But our awesome day didn’t stop there.  Much like the courageous Hindu Clip we continued IMG_0056to kick ass.  Sammi whipped up a detailed inventory spreadsheet as well as posted a new listing on esty, which awesomely enough received a favorite during the writing of this post, while I made some edits to a website that I constructed recently for a local band known as Circus Mutt.  Check it out at and go see those dudes if you get a chance.  So that kinda gets you to where we are now in this grand day. What are your adventures like? Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. was part of a grand adventure fifty years ago today? Hell yeah equality and freedom! We have some peach salsa and chips to enjoy for such an occasion!

Don’t forget the summer sausage and M*A*S*H episodes. ROCCOBITCHES


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