Work Break Ramblings

Hello all! I’m on my break at work right now, so I figured I come on over and chat for a bit. Let’s see, normally I would be running home to finish a knit or sewn project, but not today. I’m in the middle of a painting project and I’ve already done everything I can today. Now all I can do is wait until tomorrow. Gotta be honest…it’s killing me. I don’t want to wait! Why does paint drying take so much time? This project is going to take me at least another week!! I’m super excited about this one, but I can’t even talk about it because it’s a gift. Boo! I just want to finish it and give it so I can talk about it and show the crazy amount of picture I took while working on it. (It might even be my first tutorial depending on how it turns out…I’m not very confident in my painting skills, but practice make perfect, right?) I decided this morning that I’ve got to find something to do to help pass the time.

Sewing’s out since my machine needs to visit a repairman (AGAIN!) but I’m holding on it. First, I’m about to go on vacation and I’ve done a lot recently so I feel like a smallish break is in order to allow me to get ready for vacay. But that doesn’t help me with being bored during my break, now does it? I mean, I can’t exactly start packing while I’m sitting at Blue Mountain Pizza now can I? Plus, I’ve been thinking about just getting a (gasp) NEW machine! Excitement!! The one that I have right now was free, given to me by my sister when her hubby got her a new one for Christmas this past year. And I do love this machine. It’s a Kenmore and was the machine I learned on, which makes me super comfy on it. When it’s working, it’s awesome and I love it and everything’s great. The problem is it keeps quitting on me and always right when I start getting into a project too which just adds to the irritation. Anyway, long story shorter, my brother-in-law thinks that the whole bobbin case needs to be replaced, but when I took it to the last repairman he said nothing was wrong with it and it just needed maintenance.  Well, it worked for about a month of use time and then bam! right back doing the exact same ting that it was doing before. Gosh and that makes me so mad when it’s the exact, same problem. Good news is that I’m SUPER close to saving up enough money to buy a new machine. A Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, to be exact! (the same one my sister got for Christmas.) This brings up the question: should I even worry about fixing my old machine or just hold out for the new one? Hmm…I keep thinking I should just chill out on the whole problem until after vacation.

Anyway, I haven’t knit in what seems like forever though it’s only be since July so I figured I’d throw some needles and yarn into the old bag and bring that to work with me. I have a couple baby gifts to work on, plus Christmas is right around the corner (at least in the handmade world), so it’s back to the yarn world for me. It will be nice to hang out with the good old needles for a bit but it does get a smidge hot holding the wool during the summer. Well, enough complaining, I should go and cast on since I only have an hour left. I’ll leave you guys with a picture of the first etsy sale.

Made a couple of these after getting the business cards, posted them on facebook and got a custom order! Hooray! So here’s ‘Hidden Bicycles.’ This is also the one that Jessi, my sister, picked for hers. Guess it’s popular and I should probably make some more once I’m back up and sewing 😉 See you cats later!



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