More About All This Later

So a whole lot has happened since our last post on Sept. 6th. Here’s a quick run down:

1) Went on vacation!! It ROCKED as always. Fishing and family, sun and sea, car breaking down and getting fixed…we all had a wonderful time and I’m sure we’ll be talking more about this soon. Here’s a few pics for your interest:

SGI State ParkSGI DockSam Hearts Fish


2) Came back just in time for Art in Autumn, an annual art fair/festival held in Weaverville, NC and right in front of our workplace. I’m normally on vacation when this happens, so this was the first year I attended. Granted I only had a little over an hour (between the time they started and I had to work) but it was enough time to scoop up some lovelies for some early Christmas presents…oh ok, and two things for myself 😉 I had a blast, saw some amazing works of art (snagged some business cards, too!) and was super envious of the professionalism of everyone’s displays. More on this later as well.

3) This one’s sad. One of our co-workers was killed in a car accident. I, honestly, don’t really know what to say about this. Danielle and I worked together for three years, which in the service industry is pretty much forever. She was the one who gave me my application when I applied and the only server left from when I first started. She left behind a husband and a four (about to be five) year old son. Here’s a link to the news story about Danielle, definitely check it out. Our owner, Matt Danford, is amazing. He’s matching 100% of donations for her family as well as donating 100% of our revenue on the 17th. Jessi, my wonderful sister, is donating all her profits for the month of October from her etsy shop. I’ll be writing more about this later as well.

4) Sam was promoted! I don’t want to steal his thunder so I’ll let him tell you about this one. Not sure when, as there was an increase in hours, but I’m sure things will be calming down soon.

5) I got my sewing machine! With everything going on, it actually sat in the living room for about a week and a half before I got to use it. Broke the old girl in yesterday and am loving it! I swear, this machine might be the beginning of Terminators. It is so smart!! I received a request for a messenger bag on etsy, so started testing the pattern yesterday. It’s coming along quite nicely, if I do say so myself…which I do. 😉

There’s been a lot going on over here in Samland, even joked with my parents the other day that we needed another vacation! With all of this, there’s been a lot of thinking happening in my head. There will, of course, be ‘more about this later’ but I can say that the blog will be hearing from me more. I feel like I’ve been restricting myself with my posting. Previously, I’ve only done a post if I’ve had enough time to fully discuss everything which is why I don’t post as frequently as I would like. Blogging take much more time than I was initially expecting!! BUT, whoever said my posts have to be long? Why not just throw a picture up or a short paragraph whenever I feel like it? Isn’t the whole reason I wanted to start this blog was to do what I wanted with it? So here’s what I’m going to try: one week, seven posts and this one doesn’t count! Stay tuned and I’ll catch you guys tomorrow!


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