One Week, Seven Posts Begins!

I originally planned on starting my one week, seven posts on Saturday but, alas, plans were changed. I have been waking up early every day before work and working in the craft room on custom orders. With everything that’s been happening, I haven’t even had a full day off since I came back from vacation! The perils of having one job to pay the bills and another that you love BUT I am working towards only having the job I love so this will all be worth it when that day comes.

Long story short, I was ridiculously tired on Saturday and Sunday and decided to take those days off and only work my ‘real’ job. I have the tendency to keep pushing myself until I get sick for a couple days and have to take a break. Hopefully, my precautionary measures have worked. I’m taking the fact that I was wide awake at 4:30 this morning, without an alarm clock, as a sign that I made the right choice. I mean, I haven’t even had coffee yet!

ANYWAY, on to the actual post. My friend, Allyson, posted this article on my facebook wall and, my goodness, I want to watch this soo bad! I’m going out on a limb here and saying it probably won’t be aired in the US…maybe I’ll be able to find it online somewhere…Hope you find it interesting and thanks to Allyson for sharing! Have a great Monday!


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