Market Day!

Hooray, it’s market day! Weather looks great and we’re grilling out after so I’m PUMPED!

Anyway, I bet your wondering where yesterday’s post wandered off to…well wonder no more! It’s hanging out in the draft bin! HOORAY! I suppose I forgot to hit the publish button so it never went live. BUT I did write it, so I’m counting it. I’m actually not going to publish it, as it was quite Debbie Downer-ish. This Thursday is our benefit for Danielle and I wound up talking a lot about her during work yesterday. Add in a couple of beers and it’s a perfect combination for a sad post. Not that I’m against sad posts! It’s just I’m very happy right now, so it seems wrong to publish a sad post when I’m this happy. Does that make sense?? But I am counting it and you can’t stop me!

Here we are! Market day, grilling steaks (FREE steaks! Even better!!), and then making some candy corn pillow-y things for my boss, Matt. He loves decorating and bought some online that he is NOT happy with so I’m going to try to make some for him. He’s really great and does wonderful things for everyone. This isn’t why I’m making the pillows but it is a good example of Matt being awesome. I’m making them because I saw them and he was so upset about them. They do kinda stink AND he didn’t even put them out with the rest of the Halloween decorations. He was so excited about them (another reason he’s cool!) and then so sad 😦

So yesterday, our general manager was going to Sam’s club and Matt told him to pick up some steaks for all the managers. Previously, this would have just inspired envy in my life but now Sam’s a manager so we have 3 FREE steaks! AND they’re fancy Angus steaks! It’s nice because Sam has been working more than usual, I’ve been missing him and trying not to be grumpy about it, but it still kinda sucked. It’s not a problem because I know it won’t be like this for long and things are already lightening up *fingers crossed*. Hours will go back to normal and everything will be fine. BUT now we have a nice, fancy dinner to enjoy after market. I gotta be honest, I think he did this on purpose…which is really cool.

On that happy note, I’m off to get ready for market. Plus, I want to try out Pinterest because Sam’s sister, Aubry, got me interested. Later, gators!


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