Benefit for Danielle

The benefit is over and, while the numbers are still being counted, I do know what the servers raised through our tips…drumroll please…$1550!!! That’s all the servers’ tips for the day! How awesome is that?! Had to share that excitement! Cannot WAIT to find out our full total for the month. I’m beat and off for a beer and bed. What a good night! Hope yours has been fabulous as well!


2 thoughts on “Benefit for Danielle

  1. Fantastic! You all really are awesome. Everyone worked so hard last night and had great attitudes. All of the great people at bmp are the reason so many so people enjoy coming back over and over again! You all rock!

    • I’ll add in that the our regulars are great! We def would have been lost without you last night, Jess. I know how much Matt appreciates your help. Plus your helping him means that we didn’t have to so we could stay focused on the tables. Such a lovely circle of awesomeness we have created at BMP! Thank you so much!!

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