Man, I love Goodwill!

Goodwill is fabulous! Can we just talk about that for a minute? I’ve been shopping there since I was a little girl and will continue to shop there until I’m a little old lady. There are so many reasons, I will actually give you a list (because I love lists, too!)

1) Money! Really important and totally not important all at once, right? There’s not enough time to dive into the topic of money, so I’ll just say a little more wiggle room in the financial world wouldn’t hurt my feelings. FACT: Things cost less at Goodwill. Yes, they might be gently used or even destroyed but I’ve seen tags on, brand new clothes before, too. You will have to wade through some crap to get what you want.

2) Goodwill! They are totally named right! Check out their tagline: We help people earn a living, improve their lives, and strengthen their families and their communities. Boom! The stores are just one piece of the whole puzzle and the puzzle is very pretty. This is a company that does good work.

3) Time! I know what you’re thinking, ‘What about that wading through crap part?’ I have a two, make it three part answer. A) Do you really think you’re going to take more than a second to glance at a neon pink miniskirt or a holey kilt? Also, you get better at spotting what you want  and recognizing things that have been there a while which make shopping faster. B) Everything is at one place. No wandering from store to store at the mall or driving around town. All the brands are there. Some you’ve never even encountered. Bought a pair of jeans today from Hammer. No clue, but they fit perfect! C) Grab a friend! Pick someone who has a similar style or one that you are interested in and fly through goodwill together. Top three for thrift storing: Jessi and Erin, sister and friend perspective when clothes shopping Sam (of course) when craft shopping. We’d each keep our eyes open for each other, which seriously speeds the process up. Plus there’s some serious bonding while thrift storing.

4) Style! Again, everything’s in one spot. I’m not too fond of today’s styles. I preferred super relaxed clothing, jeans and sweaters. When I do get fancy, I like vintage styles. The things that do fit nicely are just so expensive and never seem to go on sale. Poop!

There’s plenty more (like how you can use Goodwill for crafting!) but I would like to gloat a little bit about my super score today. Another list:

4 Skirts

2 Pairs of Shoes

7 Sweaters

8 Shirts (Short and Long Sleeve)

2 Pairs of Jeans

1 Set King Sheets (With Pillowcases)

1 Dog Water Bowl

Hanging Filing Box With Hanging Files (really cute pattern too!)

3 Baskets for Market Display

1 Stand for Market Display (actually what looks to be a noodle drying rack? didn’t know about those…)

14 Red Glass Christmas Ornaments (upcoming craft project)

all for 107 bucks! This was at a regular Goodwill too! The clearance center is CRAZY!! Gotta run ad get ready for work. Thanks for listening to my rant about Goodwill and I’ll end it with a shot of my favorite purchase today. Aren’t they amazing?!



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