A Look At Our ‘Day Off’

Partly for your enjoyment and partly so I remember myself, here’s what Monday looks like over in Samland.



talk to health insurance guy

take pictures of the Halloween decorations at Blue Mountain

I’m pretty sure he needs to do something with his pictures…I feel like he’s still fiddling with some of them.



clean out closet (due to recent, massive Goodwill run!)

print legging pattern

begin test sewing leggings

get car inspected

go to bank

make diapers for Mae, the oldest dog. She’s leaky, for lack of a better description.

start messenger bag (though officially I have until the middle of the week)

make A/C cover since it’s getting colder (and I was supposed to do that LAST winter…oops!)




doghouse area, stage one: We are tackling a problem area in the yard. The area by the doghouses is shaded and get super muddy, but it’s the only spot in our yard that is big enough and flat enough for the pups. We’ve come up with a game plan, though we’re not sure if it will work. Stage one included taking down a fenced kennel, measuring the yard, checking out the doghouses, pricing new doghouses or materials to build and getting some new bedding and maybe laying some gravel. We were going to give them baths, but it’s pretty chilly today so that might be another day.

supposedly relax and watch a movie together…that might have to shift to tomorrow night. boo 😦


I know this isn’t it, but that’s all I can remember. We, of course, woke up late (blah!) and now it’s already 12:34! Geez…I’m going to raid the closet since I’m still waiting on Sam to be done. Send good thoughts my way, if you would, and an extra cup of coffee wouldn’t be wasted either!


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