Avoiding Emails

So it looks like I’m doing anything I can think of to avoid organizing our business email. See, I took a bit of a break on the whole email front. It was before Thanksgiving and I just didn’t care about keeping up with email. Of course, things got out of hand so fast. Messages on top of messages. Junk mail out the wazoo. And there’s 2 accounts! My personal and the business one. Yuck. So I let it go and let it go and it became this huge monster. Couldn’t even look at my phone with that stupid little red number staring at me. Anyway, yesterday I grabbed the bull by the horns, buckled down and cleared out my personal email. Today, right now actually, I’m supposed to be doing the same for the business account. Obviously, I’ve been avoiding it all morning. And what’s the best way to avoid something and waste time?? Facebook, of course! Amongst my perusal of my stories, I can across 2 gems I thought I’d share.

Now how’s this for logic in action: ET is a Jedi

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?? Love me some Star Wars!

The other one is an awesome NPR story about trees. Here’s the link. Basic summary (though still go read the whole story, it’s super cool): We believed that trees stopped growing when they got older because that’s how most things grow. Turns out, trees grow faster as they age, not growing taller but wider. They compare it to a healthy bodybuilder, I compare it to hobbits. Each their own, I suppose. (Cool environment part: This is a win for saving older trees as now we see that they pull more of the weight in the clean air department. ) Anyway, they say that some trees are still reproducing past the 500 year mark which raises the question: can trees live forever??

Now, in my mind, this raises an even bigger question: what if trees actually change into something else after a certain amount of years?? After a quick google search, it turns out that the verified oldest tree lives a little over 5,000 (Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in CA). So let’s say a tree made it to 6,000 years…what if it turned into an Ent?? The possibilities are endless!! Enjoy your Saturday, kiddos!


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