Chicks: They Grow So Fast

Now that I know all the chicks are making it, I figured I would post some before and after pictures. We lost the little Dominique from the first batch and it was touch and go for a bit with 3 of the others. Luckily, that part is all over with and the fun, awkward stage has begun! I’m missing pictures of one, Selena. She is the replacement Dominique we received from the hatchery. She went through the same symptoms as the first but not quite as bad. Hopefully, Sam has some shots of her I can add in later.

Black Australorps up first. These were from the first pick up and are 5 weeks and 5 days, almost 1.5 months. The Australorps will be the largest of the flock, lay about 5 brown eggs a week and have reputations for being excellent mothers.

Here’s Hildegard, named after Sam’s grandmother, as a chick. Hildegard 1

Here’s Wry, stretching her neck way out. A close up perching on Sam’s arm, with Selena hanging out behind her.

Hildaegard 3Hildegard 2

Wry, the other Australorp, received her name because of a close call with wry neck. We’re still not sure what exactly happened to her, but she stopped tipping her head back. We treated her for wry neck as a precaution since that’s the first stage but she never got worse. Still doesn’t tip her head all the way back but she’s doing fine.

Wry 1Wry 2

The last from the first batch, a Dominique named Tonks. Her name comes from Nymphadora Tonks from Harry Potter. She has always been super comfortable with us handling her, even falling asleep in my hand the first day. Tonks 1She a trouble maker, the first flyer and always perching as high as she can. Her favorite spot is on our heads, which is adorable but I’m always nervous she’ll poop on me!

Tonks 2 Tonks 3

The second pick up was the 4 Ameraucanas (and Selena, the replacement Dominique) and they’re one week younger, almost 5 weeks old. Here’s Athena, named for the Greek goddess of wisdom and strategy. Her symbol was the owl and Athena looked just like a little owl as a chick.

Athena 1 Athena 2

She’s growing up to be one beautiful bird! Lovely red, blonde and some blue/grey in near her tail. I think she might lose the blonde as she gets older but we’ll have to wait and see.

Athena 3 Athena 4

I don’t have a shot of Chewy as a chick. She ran into some health problems after Selena got better and, at that point, I was trying to stay a bit more detached. She always been a loner and is the smallest in the batch. She was a little bit of brown fluff so she was named after Chewbacca. Recently, she started getting a cool ombre affect happening in her feathers.

Chewy 1 Chewy 2

Gertie, or Gertrude, was the last chick named. She really reminded us of Oscar Goldman, a rooster from our our batch last year. (Oscar turned mean and was processed last year but he was my personal favorite. Can’t have a mean roo about though.) Sam was also thinking about naming her Chocobo, after a creature from Final Fantasy.


Gertie 1 Gertie 2

You can see she’s more black than yellow now that she’s older. It’s always fun to see how their coloring changes as they age.

Gertie 3

Remember the Ewok from Return of the Jedi? This little guy?

.Real wicket

Well, his name is Wicket and we named the final Ameraucana after him. She had sweet little marking that looked just like ears when she was a chick.

Wicket 2 Wicket 1

The second smallest so far, she is one of the most striking. She fast and always on the move, so it’s hard to get pictures of her. She’s very bright on her chest and the tops of her wings but gradually darkens towards her tail.

Wicket 3 Wicket 4

They still have some waiting to do before they can head outside. We’ll have to harden them off and then slowly integrate them into the flock. Lots of worries and planning for that part but, for now, it’s playtime!

Perchin' It UpPS- We divided the chicks in half when naming them. Sam named Hildaegard, Wicket, Gertie and Selena. I named Tonks, Wry, Athena, and Chewy. In case you were interested 😉


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