Sharing Some Pictures

My sister and I took her kids to visit my parents last April at their river house. Recently, they asked me to send a few pictures their way from the visit. I, of course, can’t choose just a few so I’ve pulled 35. My email will only let me attach 3 at a time so I’m opting to share the pics this way. I don’t have to send out a butt-ton of emails and they don’t have to sort through said butt-ton of emails. Win-win!IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0792 IMG_0804 IMG_0809 IMG_0849 IMG_0851 IMG_0874 IMG_0955 IMG_0968 IMG_0978 IMG_0983 IMG_1011 IMG_1039 IMG_1060 IMG_1067 IMG_1079 IMG_1082 IMG_1133 IMG_1156 IMG_1160 IMG_1166 IMG_1183 IMG_1189 IMG_1203 IMG_1220 IMG_1234 IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1255 IMG_1256 IMG_1274 IMG_1286 IMG_1290 IMG_1293


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