Yesterday’s Work

2 before shots of the shed. Amusingly, I was supposed to clean the chicken coop yesterday. I went into the shed to get the wheelbarrow and, after a couple falls and some cursing, decided to change the day’s plans.

The after!! Not 100% done…we need a toolbox and there’s a diy I want to do for our big tools (shovels, rakes, etc) but SO much better! 

This tree always gives us the biggest mushrooms. Unfortunately, there’s a big split in the trunk and it’s right next to the house with branches hanging over the roof. We’re going to bring a tree specialist out but we think it’ll have to go. It’s a maple of some kind and so gorgeous! The leaves start out dark purple and then lighten to a dark red. Can’t wait to see what happens in fall!

I was hoping to get a super cool video of the girls getting a special treat (the skin from the red fish). I misjudged their excitement though and only captured the beginning of the frenzy. They chased each other around for a good 15 mins and were WAY too fast for me to film. Maybe next time Sam can film from a distance…

Tiny, winged unicorns! Sam got these from the 25¢ machine at the grocery store. They’re about the size of my thumb nail and adorbs! The green is mine, of course 😉 Off to the chicken coop! Poop waits for no one!


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Work

  1. Sheds do that. It’s like a mental block. You enter it and say in this dazed voice “I’ll just leave this here”. And you do. Until finally something happens and you break the spell and you see it for what it really is. A freakin’ mess! I went into ours to get something and was like “woah, wha happened?”

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