Go Patriots!

I went to my first high school football game Friday night and had a blast!

It was a gorgeous night with just the slightest hint of cool.

Sam and I went to see my nephew, who plays in the marching band, but the game was really good! We weren’t expecting much. Madison High hasn’t won, or come close to winning, a game for 2 years. During the fourth quarter, Madison got their second touchdown, bringing the score to 15 Madison and 14 Henderson. Unfortunately, Henderson pushed hard during the final minutes and scored a field goal at, literally, the final second! End score 17 to 15, Henderson.

Here’s the half time show! I caught the first part of their performance before switching to pictures. Can’t go wrong with a little Old Time Rock and Roll, am I right?? (Note: having difficulties uploading the video but hopefully will sort it out soon. UPDATED 8/23/16: Figured out the issue. WordPress has changed some policies. To have video, you must upgrade to a premium option…so no video for now but maybe we’ll upgrade in the future.)

Not to brag or anything but my nephew is the only 8th grader in the high school marching band. So proud!!

The snare drums are in the middle of the back row. He’s the drummer with the black drum, pretty much dead center.

As they were exiting, a hush came over the crowd so I, of course, yelled out ‘Go, Aydin!’ Benefit of living out in the country with small schools and stadiums is that I could see him start smiling from the stands. He totally heard me!! Auntly duties accomplished for one night 💛


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