Big News, Folks!

2017 will mark the first season for our flower farm! Woot, woot! Insert happy dance here!

With that great news comes a bit of ok news: We are combining our various sites into one AWESOME website! I’ll be farming full time and working part time. Sam will be working full time and farming part time. Then there’s the wedding to plan, animals to care for, a book to finish, a surprise adventure (teaser!) and let’s not forget laundry…speaking of which, I think I need to put it in the dryer…anyway, we need to streamline some things. It’s under construction now and, once it goes live, I’ll do another post with the link.

Before we get to that point, I want to thank you all for following us. We never posted regularly and they weren’t the most interesting of posts but you stuck with us and made every second worth it. Three cheers to you and we hope to see you on the other side!



Super Soup!

Sam’s always been the soup master of our house…throwing whatever’s about to go bad in a pot, tossing in some spices and, boom, soup. I have been reaping the delicious benefits for years but have always been too intimidated to try one myself. We try to keep household duties as fairsy squaresy as we can so it was time for me to step up.

My first try was a bit of a cheat. We did a Low Country Boil and I used the leftovers to make a gumbo. With leftovers this good, I couldn’t really screw it up.

No pictures of the actual gumbo. We had Sam’s mom over for dinner and we pretty much devoured it. I added okra and chicken broth and then cooked off some rice and threw that in as well. Oh and I seasoned liberally with blackened fish seasoning. I adore that stuff!!

Encouraged by my success, I decided to attempt a veggie soup. 1) It’s farmers market season and I’ve been going regularly. This means I’ve been getting excited each week and overbuying produce for the house…E=Me C Veggies spoiling… 2) Veggie soup can’t be hard, right? I mean, the veggies do all the work. Plus, if shit goes sideways: drain the liquid off, call that vegetable broth and use the veggies for a quiche! No one will know your shame and everyone will think you’re super productive! 

Sometimes my eyes are bigger than the pot so not all of this (or the piles on the other counters) made it into the soup. Some things I chopped, others I diced and there was definitely some large chunks…no particular order or reason, I just went with it. I considered adding the vegetables at different times (roots first, mushrooms last, etc) so they would cook more evenly but I decided against it. I’m trying for easy, start it and forget it meals. You know, those soups that sit on low all day while you’re off with your to do list. After throwing everything in my soup pot, I topped it off with water and used beef boullion cubes for seasoning. I wanted to use broth but we were out and the cubes were there. Plus, they expire next month so might as well use them up. (Side note: how long did we have them that they’re about to expire?!)

There were probably 8 or so cubes and I used all of them. My soup pot is huge! It cooked on low all day and most of the night and it turned out great! After it was done and cooled, I filled 6 quart mason jars, 1 gallon freezer Ziploc and 2 quart freezer Ziplocs. Plenty to eat immediately and a nice bit frozen for future use. 

Like with most leftovers, the flavor has gotten better with time. Pretty spot on for a traditional vegetable soup. I’ve been eating it cold at work but at home I heat it up and, once it’s boiling, toss an egg in for added protein. Looks disgusting but tastes awesome!! The egg adds some creaminess and body to the soup.

I’ve been thinking about trying a cream based soup next or maybe a classic tomato. Whatever’s next, I think I can say that soup intimidation is a thing of the past! 

Go Patriots!

I went to my first high school football game Friday night and had a blast!

It was a gorgeous night with just the slightest hint of cool.

Sam and I went to see my nephew, who plays in the marching band, but the game was really good! We weren’t expecting much. Madison High hasn’t won, or come close to winning, a game for 2 years. During the fourth quarter, Madison got their second touchdown, bringing the score to 15 Madison and 14 Henderson. Unfortunately, Henderson pushed hard during the final minutes and scored a field goal at, literally, the final second! End score 17 to 15, Henderson.

Here’s the half time show! I caught the first part of their performance before switching to pictures. Can’t go wrong with a little Old Time Rock and Roll, am I right?? (Note: having difficulties uploading the video but hopefully will sort it out soon. UPDATED 8/23/16: Figured out the issue. WordPress has changed some policies. To have video, you must upgrade to a premium option…so no video for now but maybe we’ll upgrade in the future.)

Not to brag or anything but my nephew is the only 8th grader in the high school marching band. So proud!!

The snare drums are in the middle of the back row. He’s the drummer with the black drum, pretty much dead center.

As they were exiting, a hush came over the crowd so I, of course, yelled out ‘Go, Aydin!’ Benefit of living out in the country with small schools and stadiums is that I could see him start smiling from the stands. He totally heard me!! Auntly duties accomplished for one night 💛

Bath Time

Sweet Soda Flop had a run in with fly strike recently, right when Derp was inside for impacted crop. After some serious grossness, Flop scabbed over nicely and we returned her to the flock. Everything’s been fine but yesterday either Flop or another girl started pecking at the scab so in she comes for a bath.

Dr. Scoops Mackenzie, our new cat, oversees the process.

I think Flop remembers her previous baths because she was super calm this go round.

Scoops want to know where all the suds went! I didn’t get a picture because my hands were full but Flop feel asleep on my lap while I was drying her off, so cute!

Yesterday’s Work

2 before shots of the shed. Amusingly, I was supposed to clean the chicken coop yesterday. I went into the shed to get the wheelbarrow and, after a couple falls and some cursing, decided to change the day’s plans.

The after!! Not 100% done…we need a toolbox and there’s a diy I want to do for our big tools (shovels, rakes, etc) but SO much better! 

This tree always gives us the biggest mushrooms. Unfortunately, there’s a big split in the trunk and it’s right next to the house with branches hanging over the roof. We’re going to bring a tree specialist out but we think it’ll have to go. It’s a maple of some kind and so gorgeous! The leaves start out dark purple and then lighten to a dark red. Can’t wait to see what happens in fall!

I was hoping to get a super cool video of the girls getting a special treat (the skin from the red fish). I misjudged their excitement though and only captured the beginning of the frenzy. They chased each other around for a good 15 mins and were WAY too fast for me to film. Maybe next time Sam can film from a distance…

Tiny, winged unicorns! Sam got these from the 25¢ machine at the grocery store. They’re about the size of my thumb nail and adorbs! The green is mine, of course 😉 Off to the chicken coop! Poop waits for no one!

A Few Pictures

Derp’s daily visit to the cat food. Such a silly girl!

The sunflowers finally started blooming by the mailbox.

A couple zinnias made it but this is the only one to bloom so far.

The leftovers from last night’s dinner. Sam did all the cooking: Red fish, brussels, snow peas and new potatoes. Yum!!